2021 Mustang Mach-E GT – De-energizing the High Voltage System

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See how to de-energize the high voltage (HV) system of a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E GT! This new Low Voltage Service Disconnect (LVSD) method is used by all 2020 and newer Ford electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

0:00 Start
0:08 Introduction
0:45 High voltage connectors at the HV battery
1:10 The Ford scan tool method of de-energizing the high voltage system
3:00 Starting the Ford Diagnostic and Repair System (FDRS) software
3:19 Connecting the vehicle communication module II (VCM II)
3:50 Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Check results
4:40 Running the BECM – High Voltage System De-Energizing tool
6:12 Checking for loss of high voltage isolation DTCs
6:34 MUST SEE: The live isolation resistance value
7:20 Checking for stuck closed or stuck open contactor DTCs
7:40 The basic function of the contactors
8:00 MUST SEE: The live high voltage values at each high voltage component
9:34 MUST SEE: The function of the Low Voltage Service Disconnect (LVSD) connector.
11:08 The ON and OFF positions of the Low Voltage Service Disconnect (LVSD) connector.
12:03 The OSHA 1910.147 Lockout-Tagout hole and procedure
13:25 Waiting five minutes for the passive discharge of the inverter capacitors
14:16 MUST SEE: The live low voltage values at each high voltage component
14:38 Contactors are open, it is safe to remove high voltage connections at HV battery without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
15:23 The Manual high voltage de-energizing procedure
16:54 The General Motors Version of the LVSD; the High Voltage Service Lockout (HVSL).
17:45 Ford uses the LVSD on all new 2020 and above electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.
18:49 the Manual Service Disconnect (MSD) levers are slowly being phased out.
19:40 Video Summary

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