Android Auto Has Been Updated! Here’s What You Need To Know About “Coolwalk” 8.6!

From Alex on Autos.

2023 brings the first visual redesign of Android Auto since 2019. "Coolwalk’s" biggest change is a new widget view that improves the look on small screens, wide screens, and big screens alike.

Android Auto isn’t the only Google car-focused entity you should know about. ‘Android Automotive’, the in-car Android-based operating system, is really taking off with OEMs. It was first featured in Volvo and Polestar products, but now you’ll find it in GM and Honda vehicles (just the top-level Accord for now), with others joining the party. Like the Android ecosystem, the core software remains the same from car to car, but OEMs can put their own design skin over it to give it a brand connection. Ultimately, having Google Maps and Google Assistant built into your car is a real game-changer.

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