Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Home Review

From Josh Charles.

I review the new Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Home 40A Level 2 EV Charger. This smart EVSE includes unique features and is a fantastic value and, I think, high-quality charger.

You can purchase the MaxiCharger here:
10% ($55.9) off using the code: OFF10AUTEL
Autel’s official product page can be found here:

Autel provided me with this charger as a review unit, but I have done my best to maintain as neutral of a stance as possible.


0:00 Introduction
2:09 Unboxing
2:31 Installation
4:22 Setup & App
8:36 Design
11:54 Safety
13:56 Weather Sealing
15:06 Value & Final Thoughts