BREAKING: Tesla Model Y Refresh (Juniper) Is Here Now?!?!

From Bearded Tesla Guy.

Tesla unexpectedly released some of the details on the much anticipated Refresh Model Y, commonly referred to as Project Juniper. The Partial Refresh Model Y is apparently not only in production, but will be delivering to customers very soon.

This comes just a couple weeks after the unexpected release of the refresh Model 3, also known as Project Highland. That release was widely cheered and comes with an assortment of customer demanded updates and features. Things like ventilated seats, new wheels, updated exterior and rear screen are just some of the features that have found their way into the refresh Model 3. Now, we are getting our first bits of the refresh Model Y.

The refresh Model Y, or really partial refresh Model Y, that was released in China just last night comes with some of the refresh features found in the refresh Model 3 recently released. Although some of the bigger items are missing from the update, it still brings on some nice updates.

The partial refresh Model Y will come with new black Gemini style wheels, color changing ambient lights on the inside, updated dashboard, slightly more range, faster acceleration, and all at the same price as before. This unexpected partial update to the Model Y seems somewhat puzzling and figuring out why is the hardest part.

It has been long discussed and believed that the refresh Model Y (project Juniper) is 6 months behind the release of the refresh Model 3 (project Highland). Given that the refresh Model 3 has started shipping to customers, we should be seeing a refresh Model Y timeline somewhere around beginning of Q2 2024. That would be limited to the European market and perhaps in Asian markets as well.

Here in North America, we are not anticipating seeing the refresh Model 3 (Highland) until some time in 2024. It is likely that it will be at the beginning of the year, but even then, that puts the refresh Model Y (Juniper) some time in Q3 2024. The delay for launching the refresh Model 3 and Model Y here in North America could have something to do with the impending changes to tax credit qualifications.

Tesla stated that starting in 2024, some or all of the tax credit may be impacted starting in 2024 for the Model 3. Tesla later updated the language to also include the Model Y in that risk also. There is a chance this could have something to do with the changes included in the refresh Model 3 and Model Y, which would make sense on why they would delay launch until the beginning of the next year.

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