CLEAN! Pedego Avenue | Experience Shows Why Pedego Has the Chops! [Sponsored]


Check out the Pedego Avenue: and get up to $500 off Pedego bikes for July only:

In July, Pedego is running a promotion – Ride Green, Save Green – where you can save up to 500 USD on their bikes, including the Avenue. Find it at the link below, or contact a dealer near you. You can also check out the Pedego Facebook page to hear the latest both from Pedego and the growing community of excited owners.

Pedego, the #1 eBike Retailer in America, showcases over 15 years of eBike experience with the Avenue model. Starting as a light weight, high capacity platform, the Avenue is host to an expansive variety of custom made accessories, making it anything you want it to be. We got hands on with the Avenue and at least some of the many customization options.

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