DRIVEN: New Polestar 2 (2024). Has the Tesla Model 3 finally met its match?

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Polestar has introduced a number of significant design, engineering and specification updates to its 2024 model year Polestar 2. Launched in 2021, the Swedish brand’s first all-electric model gains larger batteries, faster charging capability and increased range.

​The new model is available in standard and long-range forms with buyers benefitting from bigger batteries for both models. Standard range cars receive a 69kWh pack (up from 64kWh) supplied by LG Chem while long range models will come with a new 82kWh CATL pack (up from 78kWh). The updated batteries also feature improved cell chemistry and revised connection hardware which allow for faster rapid charging. According to Polestar, the standard range models will be able to charge at speeds of up to 135kW while long range models see the maximum charge rate rise to 205kW.

Another significant update is a switch from front to rear-wheel drive for 2WD models. In a move that mirrors that made by parent company Volvo with its XC40 and C40 Recharge models, the 2WD Polestar 2 will have its drive motor on the rear axle instead of the front. Polestar has also revised the control electronics for all-wheel drive models – in particular the front motor disconnect function. As a result of the updates, standard range Polestar 2 models have a WLTP figure of 321 miles (an increase of 25 miles) while long range dual motor models have a WLTP figure of 367 miles (an increase of 65 miles).

Polestar has also improved performance with the introduction of new motors. Single-motor models are powered by a new motor with power output of 295bhp. Torque output has also been increased from 330Nm to 490Nm. As a result, the 0-62mph time has been cut by 1.2 seconds, down to 6.2 seconds.

UK customers can order the 2024 model year Polestar 2 now, with the first deliveries expected in the third quarter of 2023. Prices start from £44,490 for the standard range single motor model and rise to £57,950 for the range-topping long range dual motor model with Performance Pack.

Join Nicola as she takes the revised Polestar 2 for a drive in the UK for the first time. What do you think of the improvements? Would you choose a Polestar 2 over a Tesla Model 3? Let us know in the comments below.


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