Electric Planes Are FINALLY Here And They’re Breaking Records!

From Fully Charged Show.

Recording an eye watering 345 mph, the Accel Plane is officially the fastest electric vehicle on the planet! Before it retires to the Science Museum, Imogen and Robert wanted to meet the team from Rolls Royce, Evolito, Yasa and Electroflight to find out how they’ve made electric flight take off! From axial flux motors, advanced cooling and packing more torque than a Tesla – this plane is choc-a-bloc with astounding technologies that are paving the way to electric aviation.

00:00 A lot can happen in 6 years
01:19 A 345mph all electric aircraft
02:31 What’s the point in breaking records?
03:05 The techy bit and a load of motors
05:24 What’s next for electrified aerospace?
06:00 What about the batteries?
07:34 Drain the battery in 8 minutes
08:18 A tiny gigafactory
08:48 A whole lot of power from an impossible motor
09:48 Axial vs radial flux
11:15 All torque
12:20 What’s next?
14:20 A hub of ingenuity

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