Ford F-150 lightning Battery Issue

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In a major setback for Ford Motor, the company has halted production and shipments of its much-hyped electric pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning. This move comes after a potential problem was found in the vehicle’s battery pack during pre-delivery inspections. While the company says it is not aware of any such issues in the field, the halt in production is causing concern among customers and investors alike.

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Ford has been a major player in the automotive industry for over a century, but it has faced challenges in the transition to electric cars. The latest of the list is a potential battery issue that has caused Ford to stop production and shipments of its electric pickup truck, the F-1 50 Lightning.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is an all-electric version of Ford’s best-selling F-150 pickup truck. It was first introduced in May 2021 and is set to go on sale in the United States in mid-2022. is one of the most prominent vehicles Ford has added to its lineup in decades. The automaker has been hoping to ramp up production and establish a firm lead in electric pickups, which have the potential to become a large and lucrative segment of the E.V. market. However, its been forced to halt production to investigate a possible issue with its battery.

The F-150 Lightning is designed to be a practical and capable electric truck, with a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge, depending on the configuration. It is available with either a standard-range battery that provides an estimated 230 miles of range or an extended-range battery that provides an estimated 300 miles of range from an 89KWh battery pack made by a South Korean supplier, SK On, in Georgia and Hungary.

Ford spokeswoman Emma Bergg declined to disclose details of the possible battery issue, which is being investigated after a vehicle displayed a potential problem as part of the automaker’s pre-delivery quality inspections.

Quote. “As part of our predelivery quality inspections, a vehicle displayed a potential battery issue and we are holding vehicles while we investigate,We are not aware of any incidences of this issue in the field.”
End quote.
the company said Tuesday in a statement.

The stop-shipment order and halt in production was issued at the beginning of last week, according to Bergg.

It adds to ongoing “execution issues” detailed to investors earlier this month by Ford CEO Jim Farley that crippled the automaker’s fourth-quarter earnings.

The battery issue cropped up as Ford is trying to cut costs and return to profitability. It lost $2 billion in 2022.

Ford has not established a timeline for when production and the shipments will resume, according to Bergg.

“The team is diligently working on the root cause analysis,” she said, adding the company is “doing the right thing by our customers” to resolve any potential issues before resuming production and shipments.

Ford is unaware of any incidents or issues associated with the potential battery issue, Bergg said. There is no stop-sale for vehicles already on dealer lots, meaning dealers can continue to sell vehicles they have on hand.