Geothermal Can TRANSFORM Dirty Coal Mines into Clean Energy Hotbeds!

From Fully Charged Show.

Description: Geothermal energy is abundant, continuous and often untapped. In this episode we’re looking at how this clean energy source could provide 100% of the UK’s heating needs. Dr Helen Czerski went to Newcastle Upon Tyne to see one massive bore hole and to Gateshead to find out how coal mines could be transformed into renewable energy infrastructure. Enjoy!

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Where can you find Geothermal?
02:00 How does it work?
04:30 Coal mine geothermal vs deep boreholes
05:20 a 2 Km hole!
06:25 What’s the potential?
07:04 Not a new idea
08:30 Using fossil fuel infrastructure for renewable energy
10:07 Digging into the old coal mines
10:58 Seismic activity?
12:08 How clean is it really?
13:09 Concluding thoughts

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