Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 15: Stop scaring the kids |

From Electrifying.

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It’s been a great year for electric cars with literally hundreds of new arrivals and big expansions of the charging network. But that hasn’t stopped many media outlets continuing to peddle a seemingly endless stream of anti-electric news stories. While some have a grain of truth to them (let’s face it, nothing is perfect), the majority have been stories taken out of context, misunderstood or twisted to make a point. Some, of course, appear to have been made up completely.

Join Ginny, Nicola and Batch as they take a look though some of the stand-out anti-electric car stories from 2023 – debunking where needed and setting the record straight.

Do you have an anti-electric story that we’ve missed or are you fed up of hearing a particular myth? Let us know in the comments below.