LiveStream – The Truth About Sponsorships, Advertorials, and Sponsored Reviews

From Transport Evolved.

The majority of YouTube channels you probably watch include a fair amount of in-stream advertising from a reasonably small number of advertisers. In the electric car and clean energy world, this often means charging station manufacturers, battery backup systems, and products for your electric car.

At a time where everyone’s purse strings are a little tight, we’ve had a fairly large number of you reach out and ask why we, unlike other channels, aren’t working with specific sponsors, and why we pick the sponsors we do.

Today, we’re going to tell all – and explain what usually happens with sponsorships, sponsored content, and advertorials – and let you know how we currently operate in relation to those specific types of content.

As this is a live-stream, we’ll be adding our chapter markers after the stream goes live.


00:00 – Introduction
nn:nn – Update on Comments
nn:nn – Different types of sponsorship
nn:nn – Sponsorships Vs Paid Reviews.
nn:nn – Covered Trips
nn:nn – Editorial Control
nn:nn – Pre-Aprovals
nn:nn – Affiliate LInks and Kick Backs
nn:nn – Contracts and Placement
nn:nn – So Much Spam
nn:nn – Horror Stories
nn:nn – What our Integrity means to us
nn:nn – Third Party Consulting
nn:nn – Why Patreon
nn:nn – Other Ways to Support
nn:nn – Sponsor a Drive


Presenters: Kate Walton-Elliott and Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

© Transport Evolved LLC, 2023

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