Lucid Air Pure! My First Impressions Of The Base Trim With Metal Roof

From Out of Spec Dave.

On Saturday, March 25th, the Lucid Sales Team from The Westchester Mall in White Plains NY hosted an all day test drive event at the J-House Hotel in Greenwich CT. Even though the weather was rainy and cold, there was a constant flow of test drivers who had signed up for time slots to drive the Lucid cars. What was great about this event was that they had the Pure model with the metal roof as well as the Touring and Grand Touring. I was able to finally sit in the Base Model Pure which has a metal roof; not the glass roof. Unfortunately, the glass roof is not even an option on the Pure Model. I was very curious to see how I would feel sitting in the car with this glass roof. I must say that I felt a bit claustrophobic in the Pure compared to my Lucid which has the glass roof. To me, the car felt dark and closed in compared to my car with the glass roof. So much so, that I would not be a buyer of this car with the metal roof. But, that is my feeling; I highly suggest you go sit in the Pure for yourself to see how you feel before you come to any conclusion. Overall though, the Pure is a Lucid and the word I have heard is that the car is quieter and the stereo sounds even better in the metal roof cars which makes logical sense as glass is notoriously tough to keep sounds from the outside to a minimum.

Pricing went up on June 1st, 2022 as shown below. Pricing data courtesy of Lucid Insider Blog:

Grand Touring is now $154,000 up from $139,000
Touring is now $107,400 up from $95,000
Pure is now $87,400 up from $77,400

Cosmo Silver exterior color now $1,000 up from $800
Quantum Gray exterior color now $1,000 up from $800
Zenith Red exterior color now $1,000 up from $800
Glass Canopy now $4,500 up from $4,000
21″ Aero Blade wheels on Touring now $2,000 up from $1,500
20″ Aero Lite wheels on Pure now $2,000 up from $1,500
DreamDrive Pro now $10,000 up from $9,000
Surreal Sound Pro now $4,000 up from $2,900
Dual Motors, All Wheel Drive on Pure from $5,000 to $5,500

Delivery is $1,650 for all models

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