Mercedes Benz EQS SUV – Is this big Benz a blinder or a blunder?

From AutoEV.

It was inevitable that Mercedes-Benz would make a large, luxurious, all-electric SUV, after all, it already makes the GLS and G-Class. But instead of electrifying one of those, it has added a third to its line-up. And this one is spun from the EQS saloon platform making it a proper, ground-up EV. But do we need it? After all, the company has been quite successful electrifying their combustion engined cars, so did they really need to add yet another, large, heavy SIV into their repertoire? The only way to find out was to put the new EQS SUV through the road test that actual car buyers trust when it comes to buying their next electric car – the AutoEV one.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
01:33 – Titles
01:40 – Meet the car
05:38 – Styling
11:39 – Practicality
16:44 – Interior
24:59 – Usability
26:09 – Performance & Handling
34:49 – Pricing
35:50 – Competition
37:18 – Pros & Cons
38:03 – Summary