Morgan Stanley: Tesla’s Vehicle Sales Process Is a Competitive Advantage

From Torque News.

In this insightful video, we delve into Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas’s recent car-buying experience and his conclusions about Tesla’s sales model. Join us as we explore why Jonas believes that Tesla’s direct selling approach provides a significant competitive advantage over traditional dealerships.

When Jonas decided to purchase a new car, he opted for a model that was in short supply. This choice led him on a frustrating journey, visiting multiple dealerships before settling on one. Unfortunately, his experience with the traditional dealer was riddled with negativity. All the dealers he encountered were charging above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). However, Jonas managed to find a dealership that promised to sell at MSRP, only to have the price increased upon arrival.

In a series of tweets shared by Sawyer Merritt, Jonas recounted his interaction with the sales professional at the dealership. After being shown the brand new SUV, Jonas inquired about any additional dealer adjustments, to which the sales professional responded with a higher price. Frustrated, Jonas mentioned that he had called and confirmed the MSRP pricing before visiting the dealership. The sales professional, seemingly unaware, initially insisted on charging thousands above MSRP. However, after Jonas presented a screenshot displaying the MSRP for the exact stock number, the price was begrudgingly adjusted.

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