Most Common User Complaints From Rivian And Lucid Owners

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In October, a San Diego-based owner of a high-end Lucid Air electric car filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding an issue with the car. According to the complaint, the vehicle would sometimes drive in the opposite direction of the selected gear, causing it to move forward when in reverse. The owner expressed concern that this issue could have resulted in a collision with a pedestrian. The owner even documented the problem in a YouTube video.

In this video, we look at some of the problems rivian and lucid car owners have been having with their vehicles.

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The owner stated that they had notified Lucid of the problem through all available channels, but had not received any response from the company. However, it is possible that the issue was subsequently resolved.

Lucid Motors and Rivian are both California-based electric vehicle startups that many analysts believe have the potential to become established players in the international marketplace. However, as with any new automobile manufacturer, both companies have faced startup challenges, including slow ramp-ups that have been affected by supply chain disruptions, which have been widespread throughout the automotive industry.

Despite these challenges, both Lucid and Rivian have received positive reviews from customers and industry experts alike. The Rivian R1T truck has been particularly well-received, with customers expressing a high level of satisfaction. However, there have been some reported glitches and issues, including 10 complaints regarding the R1T truck and two recalls for the R1S SUV. Meanwhile, the Lucid Air has had nine complaints and three recalls.

While it is not uncommon for new car manufacturers to experience some startup issues, some of the reported problems with Lucid and Rivian vehicles have been serious. For instance, a Lucid Air customer in Wright City, Missouri, reported that the car’s seat moved suddenly into the full forward and full-forward tilt position without warning, pinning their knees against the lower dash and their chest against the steering wheel. The malfunction occurred in their garage, but the owner expressed concern that had it happened while driving, they would not have been able to control the car.

Another Lucid Air owner in Ambler, Pennsylvania reported that while reversing out of their driveway, the vehicle lost motive power and stalled, displaying a "Drive System Fault" message. Despite contacting Lucid, the customer could not restart the vehicle until the system was reset. However, the problem reoccurred, even though the car had only 897 miles on its odometer.

A third Lucid Air owner in Rochester, Minnesota reported that the vehicle suddenly lost all ability to move forward, except for a very weak crawl of one or two miles per hour. The problem developed without warning in traffic, and a reboot did not solve the issue. The car had to be transported nearly 300 miles to the Chicago service center.

In addition to these reported problems, Lucid owners have reported other glitches, such as charging problems, with some owners experiencing as many as 17 charging glitches, 14 of which occurred during long trips of between 100 and 1000 miles. One Lucid Air owner in Tennessee reported having to have their brand-new Grand Touring model towed twice to the West Palm Beach, Florida service center due to trouble taking and retaining a charge.

While some Lucid owners have reported being pleased with the car when it is working correctly, the frequent issues have led to frustration and even disillusionment for others. Lucid’s customer representatives have been helpful, but the service has been a problem for some owners. One owner’s Air sat at a service center for over two months, while another has reported ongoing problems connecting to fast chargers and an inability to get more than 150 miles of range per charge.