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The Hyundai Ioniq 5 made a huge impact when it arrived in 2021 – wowing owners with its madcap design and ultra-fast charging capability. But even the most ardent of owners would admit that there was room for improvement. Charging speeds suffered in cold weather and efficiency was little more than average.

To address these and other issues, Hyundai has introduced a number of small but significant engineering updates to its 2023 version. The updates include a bigger battery for the long range model along with a new battery preconditioning feature that aims to improve charging speeds in colder conditions.

Join Mike as he takes a close look around one of the first new models to land in the UK. Have the changes addressed the early concerns? Should the Ioniq 5 still be at the sharp end of your wish list?

Battery Preconditioning update for older Ioniq 5 models
If you have an earlier version of the Ioniq 5 and want to take advantage of the new battery pre-conditioning feature, there’s good and bad news. If your car doesn’t have battery heating fitted, then it can’t be applied. If your car does have it, there are three things that need to be updated. The first two have to be done at the dealer. The work is described as a TSB – Technical Service Bulletin and the number you need to quote is: HFE22-17-E080-NE. The official title of the update is: BMU ENHANCEMENT – NE EV BATTERY CONDITIONING FUNCTION AT LOW AMBIENT TEMPERATURE (BMS/VCU_2WD_4WD/AVN). Note that this isn’t classified as recall work, so the dealer is within their rights to charge you for their time. Once the two dealer updates have been applied, you’ll need to update your nav system ( You can do this yourself by downloading the update from the Hyundai website, putting the file onto a USB and transferring it to the car. We’ll be covering this more in a future long term update of our own Ioniq 5.

As always, we’d love to find out what you think, so please leave your comments below.


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