Official Makes an Exciting Confirmation about Tesla Giga Mexico’s Permit and Production

From Torque News.

One official confirms Tesla’s Giga Mexico could receive final permits this month, begin producing vehicles next year. There are a few controversial and conflicting points in this report that I want to share with you about what’s happening around Tesla Giga Mexico.

The timeline for when Giga Mexico will begin producing vehicles is in question. The Nuevo Leon governor says it could be as soon as next year (2024), but Tesla has not confirmed this timeline.
There is also conflicting information about what type of vehicle will be produced at Giga Mexico. The Drive Tesla Canada publication mentions that Tesla plans to build their next-generation vehicle at the facility, but it is unclear what that vehicle will be.

Also, Tesla Giga Mexico will bring 5,000 jobs to the region and be larger than Giga Texas, which raises questions about the impact the factory will have on the local community and the environment.

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