Podcast: more Cybertruck news, Tesla update, Lucid Gravity, and more

From Electrek.co.

On the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy. In this week’s episode, we discuss more Cybertruck news, a Tesla software update, Lucid Gravity unveiling, and more.

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Here are a few of the articles that we will discuss during the podcast:

Tesla doesn’t want you to see this video revealing Cybertruck interior ahead of launch

Tesla Cybertruck shows about 267 miles of range on prototype

Tesla removes purchase clause that threatened to sue Cybertruck scalpers

Tesla signs deal with 2nd gas station operator to sell its Supercharger directly

Tesla (TSLA) warns it is in between ‘growth waves’ right now

Tesla finally starts advertising with video, decides to highlight safety

Tesla releases update with new way to activate Autopilot/FSD and separate backseat audio

Lucid unveils Gravity SUV with 440 mile range, starting under $80K… oh, and it has a frunk seat

Check out Cadillac’s new OPTIQ EV, the LYRIQ’s cheaper sibling

Rivian fixes infotainment software bug via OTA, around 3% affected