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Kia Niro EV Review:
Hyundai Kona Electric Review:

Who builds the best compact family all-electric SUV? It’s a tricky question, but one we’re aiming to answer with this latest head-to-head. We’re pitching two sister cars that have improved significantly from where they began a few years ago: the Kia Niro EV and the new Hyundai Kona Electric.

Both have been favourites at one point or another and have been around since 2018. And it’s worth noting that these two are non-identical twins – because Hynudai and Kia are part of the same company. So even though these two cars share a lot of bits underneath, there are loads of differences. And they’ve evolved during their lifetimes… into much better cars than they used to be.

The Kia Niro EV used to be called the Kia e-Niro and look much.. froggier. The 2022 refresh has made it much more chiseled and modern-looking. And while the second-generation Hyundai Kona Electric might not have changed its name, it does look quite a bit different to what it did five years ago. It only changed shape a few months ago, so this is bang up to date.

Both come with similar battery sizes and spec levels, but which is the one to choose? Join Nicola and Nicki as they pore over the finer details to deliver a definitive verdict. Do you agree with their findings? Which of these would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.


Hyundai Kona 65kWh
Price: from £34,995 (06/11/23)
Battery: Lithium-Ion 68.5kWh, 65.4kWh useable
Range: 319 miles
Performance: 8.8 seconds 0-62mph, 107mph top speed
Power and torque: 215 bhp, 188lb ft
Drivetrain: Front wheel drive, single speed
Charging: 11kW AC, 100kW DC (AVG 70kW), 41 mins 10-80%, 10hr 30 min on 7.4 kW home wallbox
Boot: 466-litres, 1,300 + 27-litre frunk
Weight: 1,798kg
V2L; yes (3.6kW)
Euro NCAP 5 stars
Heatpump standard
5 year warranty

Kia Niro EV
Price: from £37,295 (06/11/23)
Battery: Lithium-Ion 68.0kWh, 64.8kWh useable
Range: 287 miles
Performance: 7.8 seconds 0-60mph, 105mph top speed
Power and torque: 201bhp, 188lb ft
Drivetrain: Front wheel drive, single speed
Charging: 11kW AC, 80kW DC (AVG 70kW), 41 mins 10-80%, 10hr 30 min on 7.4 kW home wallbox
Boot: 475-litres, 1,392 + 20-litre frunk
Weight: 1,757kg
V2L; yes (3.6kW)
Euro NCAP 4 stars
Heatpump not standard until ‘4’ grade + option
7 year warranty


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