TEN Transport Evolved 467. Ken Block’s Last Hurrah

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This week, Tesla hits a new record on sales and production, Ford puts the price of the F150 Lightning up (again), and one year after his death, we look at Ken Block’s final Electrikhana.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:31 – Welcome!
00:40 – Editorial Note
01:12 – Tesla Q4, Year end deliveries break new records
02:05 – Ford adds $5,000 to the base-model F150 Lightning Pro, but removes $5,000 from the top-two models
03:01 – Hyundai ends 2023 with positive sales figures for EVs
03:59 – Aptera announces new deal for battery supplier for its SEV
04:54 – Chevrolet Blazer EV gets a Stop Sale as more problems surface
05:54 – Kia published year-end sales data for its EVs
06:57 – With January 1 changes to Federal Tax Credits for EVs, Bolt EVs are now a steal (if you can find one)
07:53 – Rivian beats its own predictions for end of year, but Wall Street isn’t happy
08:50 – Tesla faces allegations of building vehicles with faulty suspension, steering components
09:50 – Porsche Taycan sets a new record on the Nüburgring in Germany
11:54 – Volkswagen Group confirms Quantumscape’s solid-state battery technology has the potential to show minimal battery degradation for first half-million kilometers
12:21 – GM begins offering cash-on-hood deals for vehicles no-longer eligible for US federal tax incentives
12:37 – Rivian customer gets their vehicle back after an 8-month parts wait period
12:55 – VanMoof is back – with plans for a new electric scooter
13:11 – GM Sierra Ev Denali undergoes very public pre-production testing
13:30 – OTA update from Ford bricks some Mustang Mach E
13:47 – Vinfast opens its first franchised dealership, in North Carolina
14:05 – Cummins settles in massive emissions cheating case
14:24 – Tesla confirms which vehicles are now eligible for full U.S. Federal tax credits
14:42 – 12 different japanese firms, including Nissan, Toyota, Panasonic, team up to develop advanced vehicle software
15:01 – The very first crash involving a Tesla Cybertruck has taken place, just weeks after deliveries began
15:23 – Fisker ended its year on a high with better than expected figures
15:38 – Newer model Teslas banned from driving schools in Norway
15:59 – We learn how Mercedes-Benz improved the range of various EQ models for 2024
16:18 – New Tesla owners mistake steam for smoke while Supercharging in the cold
16:39 – Ford FCO suggests Ford is looking into more Hybrids
16:56 – Costco offers $1,000 discount on new Cadillac Lyriq EVs
17:12 – Volkswagen ID.2 ramp-up pushed back
17:32 – Komatsu unveils 13 Ton electric excavator
17:50 – Scot Rail ends its free charging program for customers, implements fees
18:07 – Yamaha establishes new company in Germany dedicated to battery swapping
18:25 – Xiaomi unveils the SU7
18:49 – EVs accounted for 1/3 of all new cars sold in The Netherlands last year
19:08 – Scout confirms 2024 will be the year we see its first EV – while trademarking names like “Reaper”
19:26 – Nio unveils its ET9 sedan
19:45 – XPeng Reveals the X9 Seven-Seat Minivan
20:04 – Rivian issues an OTA to fix a problem with vehicle accelerators
20:22 – BYD is chasing TEsla in EV sales
20:42 – Hyundai has applied for a patent in the U.S. for an all solid-state battery that’s pressurized
21:04 – GM sues the city of San Francisco
21:26 – Rivian executives begin to talk up the importance of its R2 vehicles
21:49 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
22:58 – Questions surround Tesla Cybertruck’s ability to use CCS Type 1 infrastructure
23:58 – Ken Block’s final Electrkhana posthumously released
24:55 – Thanks, and Goodbye!