TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 468 – Dieselgate: US Style (Plus Tesla Model 3s Going Cheap!)

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This week, lots of news from CES 2024, 600,000 RAM pickups recalled due to Dieselgate, and the Tesla Model 3s going for a song!

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:32 – Welcome!
00:52 – Data from the U.S. shows the ten most popular EVs sold during 2023
01:56 – Honda unveils new concept cars at CES 2024
02:57 – Hertz begins to sell off some of its early Model 3 fleet vehicles, seems to backtrack on its goals of going all-electric
04:14 – Kia unveils its Beyond Mobility goals at CES 2024
05:08 – Tesla tweaks its vehicle range ratings after EPA adjustments to range rating guidance
06:08 – Vinfast goes all-out for CES 2024
07:08 – New Study shows people are going electric for financial reasons first, not environmental ones
08:04 – Cummins Recall affects 600,000 RAM pickup trucks
09:01 – Hyundai Kia EV sales second behind Tesla in 2023
09:57 – The IEA says that the world has a chance of hitting its triple renewable energy goals by 2030
11:58 – CAKE recalls some of its electric motorcycles, scooters for faulty battery packs
12:21 – Volkswagen announces Chat GPT integration in its EVs
12:41 – BT completes its first retrofit EV charging station from former street cabinets
13:03 – EIB provides Volvo with sizable loan to help it develop a new EV platform
13:22 – BMW to make its Munich Plant Electric Only from 2027
13:42 – MBay announces its plans to add 33,000 electric taxis to West Africa by 2030
14:03 – A new research project is established in Europe with a goal of producing semi-solid state structural components for airplanes
14:20 – Tesla, and Volkswagen, halt production at facilities as Red Sea blockages affect parts availability
14:41 – At CES 2024, Magna shows off its new motor
14:58 – At CES 2024, Hyundai Mobius debuts its MOBION concept car
15:18 – Chargepoint to lay off 12% of its staff worldwide
15:37 – Ford experiments with Olive-tree plastics
15:55 – Hawaii says goodbye to coal thanks to Tesla
16:18 – Lucid stock sets new record low after a disappointing Q4
16:34 – Tesla gives its U.S. factory floor staff a raise
16:55 – Renault-owned Mobilize to close Zity car share service in Paris
17:13 – Hyundai the most fuel-efficient legacy automaker for the 2022 model year
17:30 – StoreDot promises big things for 2024
17:44 – After saying it wasn’t interested in a price war with Tesla, VW appears to be in a price war with Tesla
18:00 – Honda rumored to be considering Canada for new $14 Billion U.S. Factory
18:19 – Hyundai-owned Supernal unveils its e-VTOL concept
18:39 – More than $622 Million released in funding for U.S. EV charging infrastructure
19:00 – BMW’s EV sales nearly double in 2023
19:19 – Tesla Model 3 Highland now available to order in NOrth America
19:38 – U.S. Grid-Tied battery storage capacity to exceed 30 instantaneous gigawatts of power by the end of this year
19:54 – Volkswagen publishes its global EV deliveries for 2023, accounting for 9% of overall brand sales
20:11 – NorthVolt gets large amount of funding from the German government for a new gigafactory there
20:27 – Hyundai reveals its plans to turn food waste into Hydrogen
20:46 – The Median range of all new EVs sold in the U.S. last year grew to 270 miles
21:05 – UAW targets Alabama factory where Mercedes-Benz makes US market EVs
21:25 – Toyota tweaks it BZ4X for 2024 model year
21:50 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
23:00 – Latest version of the Sony Honda Afeela is driven on stage… remotely
23:54 – NREL bans electric bicycles, e-scooters, on campus
25:04 – Thanks, and Goodbye!