Tesla Cybertruck Will Receive a 154 Miles Charging Improvement In An Upcoming Update

From Torque News.

Tesla Cybertruck is going to receive charging improvement in upcoming update. The improvements will allow up to 154 miles to be recovered in 15 minutes, which is approximately a 30% improvement to current charging rates.

For reference, the Hummer EV which can charge at 350kW has a claimed 100 miles charged in 10 minutes. Unsurprisingly GM makes the same claim for the Silverado EV. The Cybertruck can’t match that peak charging power being mainly limited by V3 Superchargers max output of 250kW but it is perhaps more efficient at converting electricity into roadway miles.

When I was doing the research for this article I noticed one of the guys on Reddit asking "So did Tesla roll the truck off the assembly line with real world battery validation needing to happen, seems like they are almost monitoring and slowly improving charging for this vehicle.?

Well, they do this for literally every vehicle in the fleet. There are always new optimizations being found and implemented. This is why I recommend to be patient when you see an exciting new vehicle and wait for at least the 2nd year edition to buy it if you need a new car.

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