Tesla Is Testing and Calibrating Cybertruck’s Production Line, Castings Show

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Rare images show Tesla has started Cybertruck.

I am seeing and learning about some very unique things regarding the Tesla Cybertruck and want to share with you here guys. Yesterday Tesla Giga Texas drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer shared some very strange castings from Giga Texas, which were neither Model Y, nor the Model 3. I asked Joe, what they are, and he said they belong to Cybertruck.

Listen to what Joe told me and after I quote him, I will tell you the real significance of these images and what Tesla may be very likely doing with the Cybertruck. This is going to be very revealing.

So Joe told me that "Rear casting tests for the Cybertruck are shown in these images. These castings are in their bare form and haven’t undergone the removal of excess flashing. These tests are likely among the initial casting trials conducted at the 9K Giga Texas facility. It’s speculative, but this could indicate that testing and calibration of production line machinery and related equipment are currently underway. Taking into account the timeline for Model Y production line setup at Giga Texas, it is assumed that production line testing and calibration commenced in mid-May. The first complete assembly test of Cybertrucks will probably occur in July or August, initially on a small scale with a limited number of vehicles. Some of these test units may be sent for NHTSA crash testing during this timeframe. It is important to note that similar testing might already be in progress for Cybertrucks produced at the Fremont pilot line, but it may be necessary to conduct tests specifically for the Giga Texas-produced versions as well. Following these steps, final preparations will be made to start delivering sellable Cybertrucks sometime between September and October. If these assumptions hold true, Tesla should be able to meet the delivery event they mentioned, which is expected to take place in the fourth quarter of this year."

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