Tesla Model 3 LFP Charging Comparison Using CCS Magic Dock / Combo 1 Adapter vs NACS Tesla Connector

From Out of Spec Dave.

In this video, I compare two charging sessions. The first session was from 5% to 25% using the standard NACS Tesla connector on a V3 Supercharger. Then I drove the car down to 5% and charged the car back up to 25% using the NACS Tesla Connector plugged into a Magic Dock CCS adapter which was then plugged into my CCS Combo One Adapter which then plugged into the car. I did this test as I was curious to see if Tesla was somehow limiting the charging speed to a non-Tesla CCS car. Watch this video filmed on 3/5/23 in Brewster NY at the Tesla Magic Dock Upgraded Superchargers to see what I discover!

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