Tesla Model Y & 3 – 10 Critical Things to Do Before Taking Delivery

From Bearded Tesla Guy.

Ordering a new Tesla Model Y or Model 3 can be such an exciting time. While you are sure to be counting down the minutes before delivery, there are actually a few things you should be doing before delivery day comes. These 10 things to do before your new Tesla delivery are must-do’s to make sure your delivery is a smooth as possible.

From ensuring you understand your EV Tax Credit qualifications, to making sure you have the right charging equipment, there are so many things to consider. The nice thing about Tesla, and specifically the Model 3 and Model Y, is that it is such a streamlined delivery process that what you do for the Model Y is also the same thing you will do for the Model 3.

So before you take delivery of your new Tesla Model Y or Model 3, make sure you are covered in each of these 10 area. Let me know after watching, did you think I missed anything important? What did you do that wasn’t covered on this list?

1.) EV Tax Credit Qualification (0:17)
1:11 2.) Choose a Charger (1:11)
3.) Hire an Electrician (2:05)
4.) Protection (3:05)
5.) Essential Accessories (4:36)
6.) Mud Flaps (5:48)
7.) Shop Rates (Loans) (6:32)
8.) Shop Rates (Insurance) (7:13)
9.) Essential Apps (8:02)
10.) Hold on FSD/EAP (9:48)

When you order your new Tesla, there are many things that you can do to prepare for delivery day. These 10 categories should help to guide you in your waiting period. Doing these 10 things will make for a much smoother, and much more enjoyable ownership experience with your brand new Tesla Model Y or Model 3, although the same things can and should be considered for a Tesla Model X and Model S.

Let me know in the comments, is there something I missed? Would you have done something different if you could order a new Tesla all over again?

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