THIS Is How Computer Servers Will Heat Your Water For FREE!

From Everything Electric Show.

What if every time you watched YouTube it helped heat your hot water….for free??! Data centres are the beating heart of our digital lives and consume a tremendous amount of electricity. Unfortunately, they also waste a lot of electricity and so companies like Heata are pioneering ways to capture that waste heat for domestic hot water. Even better than that, they’ve found a way to bring the waste heat closer to your home via distributed servers and the cloud. Confused? Science fiction?! Imogen met the Heata team and visited an installation to make sense of this repurposed tech!
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00:00 Intro
00:52 What are we talking about?!
02:03 What does Heata do?
02:43 How much heat can you really get?
03:44 The process in practice
05:08 Customer experience
06:00 When can we see this in our homes?
06:51 Data security and WiFi worries
07:59 What’s next for Heata

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Computers get really hot. Why aren’t we re-using the heat?

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