This Tiny Car Solves The BIGGEST Problem With Electric Vehicles

From Fully Charged Show.

World’s tallest microcar aficionado, Jack Scarlett heads to The Netherlands to take a spin in another new model: the Silence S04. The product of a Spanish scooter company, this dinky vehicle promises levels of comfort and performance nearer to that of a full size car than its micro rivals – and comes with a truly game-changing party trick.

00:00 Intro
00:59 Meet the Silence S04
2:16 Key features
5:22 The comfiest microcar?
7:53 Plush-ish interior
10:31 More than a gimmick!

The Silence S04 Will make be on display at Fully Charged: LIVE Europe, on the 24th-26th November. Tickets available here:

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