Why Did Tesla Import Model Y To Canada from Giga Shanghai, But Not from US

From Torque News.

Tesla has recently announced that it will be importing the Model Y Long Range from China into Canada. However, this version of the car has a lower range than the one that is currently being manufactured in Fremont, California. This has led to some confusion and speculation among Tesla fans.

So, why did Tesla make this decision to import Model Y to Canada from Giga Shanghai, but not from the Fremont factory, Giga Texas or at least Giga Berlin, that are much closer? There are a few possible explanations.

It could be a way to increase supply. Tesla is currently facing production constraints at its Fremont factory. By importing the Model Y from China, Tesla can increase the number of cars that it is able to sell in Canada.

It could be a way to reduce costs. The cost of manufacturing the Model Y in China is lower than the cost of manufacturing it in Fremont. By importing the car from China, Tesla can save money, which could help to offset the lower price of the car.

Here is another interesting explanation. Elon Musk did say that Tesla cars produced at Giga Shanghai are most efficient and of highest quality. This is probably why Tesla is importing this specific version of the Model Y to Canada from Gigafactory Shanghai. But does this mean the US Tesla buyers are getting a somewhat lower quality Model Y vehicles compared to those, which are made at Giga Shanghai?


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