You’ve Been Lied to About Tesla. (Owner Spills Facts)

From Andy Slye.

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Tesla Model Y road trip for National Drive Electric Week 2023

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Over the last three years, switching to electric vehicles has become more appealing, in no small part due to progress we’ve made on climate and clean energy policies that make switching to EVs more logical than ever. Around 45% of Americans would consider purchasing an EV, and 39% say that learning about the EV tax credits in America’s clean energy plan increased their motivation to make the switch.

September 22nd marks the start of National Drive Electric Week, and Climate Power is encouraging anyone with an electric vehicle to spread awareness about how much money they can save by reducing gas consumption, how it is easier than ever to find a charging point thanks to expanded infrastructure, and the tax credits available to those who switch.

We are at a critical moment in our nation for telling the story about EVs. More than two-thirds of Americans drive a car every single day, and if fewer of those cars depend on the fossil fuel industry, it is better for everyone. Lawmakers and automakers are making major investments in manufacturing American-made EVs and cleaner cars, while climate champions set bold standards to reduce climate pollution from gas powered cars. But of course, the oil and gas industry has taken notice and will aggressively fight any move away from fossil fuels.

We have an opportunity to change the narrative around EVs and help everyday Americans see how they fit into the EV future—spotlighting the improved health benefits, decreasing costs, and new manufacturing jobs.

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