BYD? Tesla? Wind? Solar? Batteries? Best Electric Vehicles & Energy Projects…

From Fully Charged Show.

This is the very 1st global consumer-choice awards for electric vehicles & clean energy & we need *your* vote.

In year 1 we have opted to keep this as simple as possible, so it won’t take too much time, and we would kindly ask you to vote for your favourite in all (or as many as possible) of the 15 categories.

We recommend reading the Awards Brochure 1st and then placing your votes using the link within it. PRO TIP having the brochure open on computer and voting for winners on smartphone is easiest

Your link to the Awards voting brochure/procedure:

*Voting closes on Thursday 16th November at 10am (LONDON)*

The winners will not be revealed until the Fully Charged AWARDS (powered by myenergi) on the evening of Friday 24th November in the RAI Amsterdam, alongside Fully Charged LIVE Europe.

For tickets to the Fully Charged AWARDS (subject to availability):

For tickets to Fully Charged LIVE Europe:

And a HUGE thanks to myenergi, without whom this wouldn’t be possible:

Thank you for taking part in the first Fully Charged AWARDS, we look forward to evolving this initiative with you in the coming years, and making sure it’s ‘the one to win’ in energy and transport.

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