The Ford Focus Electric: A Hidden Gem or Relic?

From EV Universe. Tom gets behind the wheel of a rare find – the Ford Focus Electric. This electric hatchback promises zero emissions, but can it deliver the exciting driving experience we all crave? Let’s jump in and find out! We’ll be diving deep into the 2016 Ford Focus Electric, unpacking its specs, features, and…

When An Electric Car Hits A Deer

From EV Universe. Tom shares his personal experience of hitting a deer while driving his Ford Mustang Mach-E in northern Michigan. He describes the immediate aftermath of the crash, including the damage to his car and the costly repairs. Tom expresses surprise with the extent damage to the internal components of his electric vehicle, but…

Ford Mustang Mach-E Infotainment Screen Deep Dive

From EV Universe. Tom takes a deep dive into the settings and user interface of the Ford Mustang Mach-E infotainment screen. No setting or feature is left unexplained! Tom provides valuable insights into the system’s navigation, temperature control, and charging station recommendations, and much more. Tom also discuss’ various advanced safety features in the Mach-E,…

The perfect foldable e-bike!

From EV Universe. Explore the unique features of the Blaupunkt Folding E-Bike in our quick overview! Discover why this lightweight, foldable e-bike is perfect for your urban adventures. #EVUniverse #BlaupunktEBike #UrbanCycling #FoldableEBike #ElectricBike #EcoFriendly

Securing Gears with Hook

From EV Universe. Need a quick and easy way to secure your bags? Bag Hooks are perfect for holding groceries, school bags, and more. Fast and reliable! #EVUniverse #BagHooks #CarAccessories #OrganizedLiving #Tesla

The Air Suspension of Cybertruck

From EV Universe. Experience the Air Suspension of Cybertruck with EV Universe. Elevate your ride with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance. Explore now! #EVUniverse #ElectricVehicles #Cybertruck

The Cybertruck Crowd

From EV Universe. Join the #CybertruckCrowd with EV Universe! Whether you’re a fan or future owner, we’re your go-to destination for all things electric. Start your #EVjourney today! #EVUniverse #ElectricCars #ElectricVehicles

Tired of Console Clutter?

From EV Universe. Tired of console clutter? Meet Console Hub – the game-changer for keeping your car organized. Beautiful, quick to install, and easy to use. Say goodbye to the mess! #EVUniverse #CarOrganization #ConsoleHub #Declutter

Upgrade Your Ride with Atomic Wheels!

From EV Universe. Upgrade Your Ride with Atomic Wheels!Make your EV stand out from the crowd with our premium forged wheels.Choose from a range of stunning colors to match your style! Visit our website to browse and purchase: #AtomicWheels #ElectricVehicles

Tesla Cybertruck First Drive: Love it or Hate It?

From EV Universe. The Tesla Cybertruck is undeniably innovative, but it’s not perfect. It’s a love-hate kind of thing, but definitely worth a test drive! Tom Flitton finally gets his hands on the new electric truck and brings his perspective to what life might look like driving a piece of abstract art. Here are some…