Episode 204 – 2023 Canadian International Autoshow Coverage!

From EV Revolution Show.

The EV Revolution Show – Special Episode

I attend Media Day at the Toronto Autoshow talking to some OEMs about the current and future state of their electrification efforts!

Also watch AJAC Car of the Year and Utility Vehicle of the Year awards (oh which btw, I am a juror voter for these). A peak at Project Arrow too!

00:26 – Intro
01:37 – Project Arrow
04:22 – AJAC 2023 Car of the Year Award
05:35 – AJAC 2023 Utility Vehicle of the Year Award
06:22 – Hyundai Updates
10:33 – Cadillac Updates
15:24 – Chevrolet Updates
25:00 – GMC Updates
30:45 – Buick Updates
35:09 – Nissan Updates
43:14 – Outro

Check out my previous Episodes on LA and Detroit Autoshow coverages for more OEM information!

As always, I welcome any feedback and questions! Thanks for Watching!

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