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Kia is going all out when it comes to electrification. The Korean brand has pledged to sell a million electric cars around the world by 2026 and has already registered the names EV1 to EV9 for its electric car roll-out. We’ve already seen the EV6 saloon – along with its performance packed GT version – and the six or seven seat EV9 has also just gone on sale. And now they’re about to be joined by a small SUV called the EV3 and a saloon shaped EV4.

The EV3 won’t get Kia’s super-fast 800 volt charging system. Instead it will come with 400 volt capability, which will help keep the costs down. When the EV3 hits the UK in 2024 it will be the brands most affordable electric model with prices expected to start at under 35k, putting it up as a direct competition for cars like the EX30 and the Fisker Ocean in terms of price and size. It’ll also come with a vehicle to load technology which effectively transforms your car into a mobile battery that can power everything from laptops to garden tools. When it comes to power Kia hasn’t said anything official but given they’re trying to keep the price of the EV3 the launch model will be single motor front wheel drive that will most likely have an LFP battery.

The EV4 looks similar to the EV6 but will be more affordable when it arrives in the UK. Although the concept is a saloon, we’re expecting European models to sport a hatchback tail when it’s launched. Like the EV3 the 4 will also come with 400 volt charging capacity.

It will join the lineup in 2025 and Kia are keeping quiet on the performance details but expect it to be in line with the Hyundai Ioniq 6 so we should get a choice of rear or all-wheel drive along with two different battery sizes to choose from, though the UK is unlikely to offer the entry-level 53kWh battery and will stick to the 77.4 kWh ‘Long Range’ models.

Join Ginny as takes a close look at both models at the LA Motor Show. Are these the cars you’ve been waiting for? Is Kia onto a winner with the EV3 and EV4, or would you opt for something different? As always, we love to hear your comments, so get typing below.


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