Kia EV9 Design Debuts, VW ID. 2all Concept Revealed, And First Tesla V4 Supercharger Online

From InsideEVs.

In this episode:
Tom’s visit to the General Motor’s EVlive studio
Kyle round steering wheel order from Tesla to replace the yoke in his Model S Plaid
Kyle drives the very spicy Kia EV6 GT, and shares its 70-MPH highway range test result
Kyle drive and review of Domenick’s Tesla Model 3 in Tallahassee, Florida
We discuss the Porsche GT4 e-Performance on display at SXSW
Domenick talks about driving with Tesla’s FSD beta for the first time
We discuss the design debut of Kia EV9
We talk Volkswagen ID. 2all Concept
We discuss the first V4 Tesla Supercharger coming online
We talk about Tesla turning down $6 million from California for Supercharger sites