Lucid Air Road Trip From FL To CT Part 1: The EA Signet Surge Is Real… Real Bad!

From Out of Spec Dave.

Join Dave as he heads from Marco Island Florida on the West Coast to Riviera Beach on the East Coast to pay a visit at the Lucid Service Center. The problem is that Dave lost his Air Conditioning in his Lucid which is never a good thing if you are in Florida. But what makes this worse, is that the A/C compressor also controls battery thermal management; i.e. it cools an overheated battery. While at the Lucid Service center, Dave decides to buy a set of the newest 19" wheels to experience better range. All in all, it’s a long day that ends up in Georgia with only 1 charging session which was super ugly. Ping Ponging, Dirty Charging Signet Surging at its’ finest. O man…

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