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We’ve always loved the Kia Soul EV here at, but to be honest, it’s one of those cars that’s slightly hard to pigeonhole. Is it a hatchback? Is it an SUV? Is it simply a stylised box with wheels?

Well, whatever it is, it’s always been striking and very efficient – sharing the brilliant hardware from the Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona EV was never a bad idea. It’s fun, and a little bit different. And now it looks set to be different again – with the introduction of a new 2023 model.

However, you’ll need to be something of a Soul expert to spot any of the differences on the outside. Apart from a few small trim changes and a new location for the boot badge, the new Soul looks very much like the old Soul. But that’s no bad thing.

As far as the inside goes, the cabin gets a 10.25-inch touchscreen as standard in all but the base grade and a through re-model, including a better dash and shiny new body-colour inserts on the inside of the doors, as well as a much more comprehensive package of driver aids.

There will be two versions available in the UK, one called the ‘Urban’ with a 39.2kWh battery and 171 miles of WLTP range that comes in at just under £33,000. That’s the one Kia thinks will suit people in cities, and gives the Soul range a much lower starting price.

The ‘Explore’, which is the one we filmed, gets extra bodystyling, a 64kWh battery and a much more useful 280 miles of WLTP range, and that starts at £39,045. That sounds a bit punchy when you realise that you can have something like a Kia Niro EV in ‘3’ grade for just £500 more. And that has a slightly bigger battery at 64.8kWh and 285 miles of WLTP range.

Join Nicola as she puts the new Kia Soul through its paces. Is the Soul still an favourite, or have newer models made it an also-ran? As always, we love to read your views, so get busy typing in the comments below.


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