The 2025 EX30 Is Affordable Electric Volvo We’ve Been Promised

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Volvo’s 2025 EX30 might just be the bite-size electric crossover that catapults Volvo’s sales into new territory. In addition to a trove of pictures and details we have the base MSRP whichat $34,950 certainly raises hopes and eyebrows. As will the performance numbers.

The EX30 wears similar styling to the EX90 in a much smaller package. At 166 inches long, this is a few inches more compact than a Mini Countryman. Also interesting: despite EX30 sounding awfully crossover like, there will also be a Cross Country variant. That one adds body cladding, Cross Country graphics, 19" black wheels (or optional 18s with tougher rubber), skid plates all around, and more ground clearance.

At the start Volvo will offer just one battery with a usable capacity of 64 kWh powering a 268-hp rear motor. That one will get you 275 miles of range and 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Want more power? Volvo will add a 154 HP motor in the front that will drop 0-60 sprints to 3.4 seconds making this the fastest Volvo ever made. It also won’t drop your range much with a 265 mile projected range. DC fast charges pea at 153 kW, which means 10% to 80% in about 27 minutes.

Pre-orders are open now, should we order a base model? Volvo Car USA

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