The Craziness Of Our Cybertruck Reviews! Broken Trucks, Nervous Employees, & Tons Of Videos

From Out of Spec Podcast.

Join us on today’s podcast where Francie, Kyle, Coleton, & Brandon talk about their time in Austin Texas with the infamous Tesla Cybertruck! They talk about how we wrangled together 5 Cybertrucks, starting out with broken screens, nervous and secretive but also talkative Tesla employees, wrapping Cybertrucks, Kyle’s nerdy EV testing, Coleton’s stainless steel detailing, our driving impressions, and much much more! Thank you to everyone who made the whole thing possible – you all are the MVPs!

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00:00 Welcome Back
02:00 Starting At The Top
05:20 Ben’s Cybertruck
06:40 Renting A Cybertruck On Turo
07:45 Nervous Tesla Employees/Cybertruck Owners
09:50 Coleton Finds A Cybertruck
12:00 Broken Turo Cybertruck
16:50 TesBros Wrapped The Last 2 Cybertrucks
17:45 $1000/Day For A Cybertruck
18:45 Kyle’s Nerdy & Anticipated EV Testing
28:00 News Coverage Of Kyle’s Testing & Results
33:50 Detailing A Cybertruck
40:00 Nervous But Chatty Tesla Employees
43:00 Brandon’s Cybertruck Experience
45:30 Fixing A Broken Cybertruck Screen
47:15 Francie Drove The Cybertruck Before Anyone!
50:30 Driving Impressions
1:05:00 Would We Buy The Cybertruck?