Wheel-E Podcast: Biking in Amsterdam, Specialized kids e-bike, standing ATV, more

From Electrek.co.

This week on Electrek’s Wheel-E podcast, we discuss the most popular news stories from the world of electric bikes and other nontraditional electric vehicles. This time that includes a deep dive into the biking culture in Amsterdam, a Specialized mountain bike…for kids, and a weird standing atv…or a 4 wheel electric kick scooter, and more.

Here are a few of the articles that we will discuss during the Wheel-E podcast today: https://electrek.co/?p=305471

Specialized just released a 36 pound electric mountain bike, but it’s not for you
I went to the Netherlands with Gazelle to see a biking paradise, but found something more surprising
EUY K6 Pro review: Why is this folding fat tire e-bike so weird looking?
Luna 6.5kW Talaria XXX goes on sale for game-changing $2,995
Silence S04 electric micro-cars with swappable batteries start production
Microlino celebrates its 1,000th adorable electric microcar rolling off the line
This guy bought a wild standing electric ATV from China – here’s what showed up