Yes, They Do Charge In the Cold 🥶

From Plug and Play EV.

We had to wait six weeks to return for a sub-zero temperatures (not common across most locations where these stations are located), but we finally got that Arctic blast and, yes, Electrify America’s upgraded SK Signet stations do work in frigid conditions. As did the older Signets, ChargePoint’s paired CPE250s, and EVgo’s 200kW BTC Power hardware.

❄ -2 to -5°F ambient (wind chill warning -25°F to -40°F for region)
♨ Preconditioned pack at 70°F+
⏩ Power peaked at 161kW
✅ All four units tested/started first time

Biggest inconvenience? Cables are a bit stiff.

Full video on our sub-zero winter tour of major public charge network operators along the Masspike is up here:

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