1,300-mile Weekend EV Road Trip + IONIQ 5 Cold Weather Fast Charging Performance

From Plug and Play EV.

Another road trip report covering our quickfire weekend trip over to Ohio from Boston, MA and back again. 1,300+ miles over a couple of days, summarized in the "EV Road Trip Report" format that we’ll be using for all extended trips heading into 2023.

This one covers falling temperatures, fast charging performance of the IONIQ 5, reliability of Electrify America, and the key question of charge station congestion as we head into the holiday season…

Did we have a wait at every charge station?

Did EA have enough working chargers to keep throughput flowing if so?

These are some of the topics we’ll explore and questions we’ll answer in this abridged road trip report.

0:00 – Start
0:18 – Intro to Trip
1:17 – Temperature and Weather
1:57 – Electrify America Old & New
7:46 – Session Summary + Success Rate: Good Enough?
8:40 – Station Congestion + Wait Times
10:34 – EVolving the New York Thruway
12:36 – Hyundai IONIQ 5 Cold Weather DCFC
17:20 – Summary and Questions

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