2023 Nissan Leaf: The Last Model Year

From CleanTechnica.

For 2023 we are loosing one of the most iconic electric vehicles that has seen huge global success over the last 12 years. Nissan is discontinuing this air-cooled hatchback styled Leaf in favor of a smaller crossover style that is liquid cooled for the future. Despite having the CHAdeMO charging standard, as the industry is leaning on CCS, it is still one of the few vehicles under $36K that can reach over 200 miles of range and carries the full tax credit as well. As Nissan will discontinue this model and later form it into a smaller crossover, is the Nissan Leaf hatchback still worth a look in 2023? Here is a review of the final year and generation of one of the most iconic electric vehicles across the world.

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Exterior Design
03:37 – Interior Design
05:52 – Charging Specs
06:28 – Driving Impressions
07:22 – Power Specs
10:15 – Safety Tech
11:46 – Outro

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