2024 Auto Buyers Guide Luxury Car of the Year Finalists

From Alex on Autos.

To wrap up the year we’re listing the vehicles you would be most likely to find wrapped up or topped with a bow in commercials this holiday season; it’s Auto Buyers Guides 2024 Luxury Car of the Year Finalists!. What is a Luxury vehicle? Well we don’t have all the answers but our finalists cover quite a range of criteria and it’s clear that luxury continues to change with the times. We have 2.5 electric vehicles, 3 SUVs, and 3 different countries represented in this top 4 so whatever you consider a luxury vehicle the good news is you have option!

Our first finalist is the Acura MDX Type S and the question has been asked whether or not this is a luxury car. Well, since it’s on our list our answer is yes but we admit it’s not on the high end of luxury vehicles. It doesn’t need to be high end luxury to make it to as a finalist because the MDX Type S is a well designed machine with nice appointments and an excess of power for your daily commute. It’s also on the more practical end of things with 3 rows of seating, dependable reliability, and a price tag that doesn’t require a second mortgage on the house.

Genesis has been climbing for years; from a Hyundai model to a brand of it’s own competing with established manufacturers and now showing their chops with a push to lead electrification amongst the segment. The Electrified GV70 is a nicer vehicle to live with than the name is to say but it makes the most of the quality e-GMP architecture that’s been adopted underneath it. Gensis continues to take market share from top German companies and the Electrified GV70 is a good example of why.

The Mercedes EQS makes it as finalist on it’s second list of for 2024; first appearing on our EV of the Year and now in the Luxury discussion. Mercedes has made a decisive move in creating unique EV options within the lineup and not trying to electrify tried and true favorites they’ve been known for. The result is seen clearly in the EQS which is a fresh, new kind of Mercedes ownership experience and we think they’ve got themselves a winning strategy. If you can foot the bill it’s hard to find a better way to get you and the kids around town then in an EQS SUV.

This is the .5 entry in our grouping because BMW has made the 7 series a distinct product offering that one can get in whichever level of electrification they would like; Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, or all Electric (i7). In world that’s quickly seeing the fall of sedans BMW steps forward with a fantastic example of a full size sedan that commands attention and a hefty price tag. They don’t come with a driver from the factory but the back seat is just as nice of a place to be as the front seat and if you ARE paid to drive people around this is a great driver seat to spend that time in.

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