2024 Jeep Wrangler Review | Competition Is Making Everything Better

From Alex on Autos.

Ford’s Bronco has done wonders for the Wrangler. Not the sales numbers of course, a reasonable number of shoppers have chosen the Bronco over the last few years, but for making the Jeep better. 2024 brings an exterior refresh and some fairly major changes to the most popular dedicated off-road-trip in America. This is the first time Jeep’s iconic model has ever had power seats, 4 way lumbar, side curtain airbags, full float axles, and more. Jeep’s popular 4xe plug in hybrid has also gained a helpful tweak in the form of a 3.6 kW AC breakout box so you can power anything from a laptop to a window air conditioning in your camper. And that camper can be larger than before with up to 5000 pounds of towing capability. Thankfully the rumors of the V8’s demise we’re overblown, the 392 lives on for at least another year.

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