2024 Subaru WRX TR First Drive

From Alex on Autos.

Back in 2006, Subaru launched the first WRX TR. This trim was designed for the buyer that either wanted a stealthier look, or planned to make significant mods themselves so they wanted more of a “clean slate.” At the time that meant no wing, base seats, base radio, etc. In other words: it was the WRX "basic bitch" as the Millennials say. This time around the enthusiast shopper is asking for something different. Probably because Millennials are buying WRXs. Seriously, the BRZ and WRX have two of the lowest average age buyers in America. Rather than looking for a clean slate to mod, today’s WRX buyer wants something ready for weekend tracking straight from the factory. How about a Gen X perspective? Honestly I’ve never cared for the "modded look" so this TR is right up my alley as well

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00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Styling
01:26 – TR specific changes
02:31 – Why TR?
03:12 – Driving Forward
07:35 – Boxer sounds
08:15 – Mutton, it’s what’s for dinner
09:06 – Back to Engines
09:30 – Revving the Rex
09:43 – Impressions and Comparisons
11:16 – Interior Updates
12:00 – Pricing