2024 Tesla Model 3: InsideEVs First Look Debut

From InsideEVs.

Join us as we get our first look at the 2024 Tesla Model 3

After six years, and blockbuster sales amounting to two million units sold globally, Tesla has given the Model 3 a refresh with aesthetic enhancements, more range, and feature upgrades. Following a fanatical public discourse around numerous spy shots and speculations, the new Model 3 could be one of the most anticipated electric vehicles of the year.

The updated Model 3, which was apparently internally codenamed Project Highland, is more chiseled, flaunts a redesigned front and rear, and gets a revamped interior. It has improved aerodynamics to extract more range and to reduce drag and wind noise, Tesla said in its Italian press release. For now, the updates have come only to the rear-wheel-drive and long-range (LR) versions.

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