A Fast EV Wagon For Half The Price Of A Taycan! I Drive The NIO ET5 Touring For The First Time

From Out of Spec Reviews.

Kyle and Alyssa hop in the brand new NIO ET5 Touring and take you for a full tour and first drive. We notice some incredible improvements with the soon to be released software version and so much more. Enjoy!

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0:00 – Hello & Welcome
2:00 – Specs / Price / Battery Options
8:25 – Trunk Space
11:03 – Backseat Review
13:58 – Charging / Swap
16:00 – Front of the ET5
19:21 – Front Seat / Software / Interior
33:53 – First Drive!
45:00 – Huge Charging Improvements!
51:02 – Top Speed
53:54 – Dash Cam
55:46 – Final Thoughts / Pros & Cons

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