Abarth 500e – The EV with a sting in it’s tail.

From AutoEV.

Making an electric car fast is relatively straight forward. But how do you make one that has character? And when it has to have the character of an Abarth, well that can be one of the greatest challenges of all. So can the new Abarth 500e be a true hot hatch full of brio and charisma whilst being powered by an electric motor? Ex-Abarth owner Bryan spent the day in the beautiful Cotswolds with the car trying to answer that very question? Can the Scorpion retain its sting? We find out……..

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
01:36 – Titles
01:44 – Meet the car
05:26 – Styling
10:50 – Practicality
12:32 – Interior
20:25 – Usability
21:10 – Performance & Handling
31:24 – Pricing
32:23 – Competition
35:35 – Pros & Cons
36:17 – Summary