Aged To Perfection, Or Past Its Prime? | 2023 Chevrolet Equinox

From Alex on Autos.

Since Chevy launched the third-gen Equinox back in 2018 nearly every competitor has had a clean-sheet redesign, so where does that put one of Chevy’s most popular models? Especially now that Chevy has cut the engine lineup and a new model is around the corner. In a nutshell, the Chevy is focusing on affordability.

With leases as low as $199, low-interest financing, and cash off-offers, the Equinox is targeting shoppers looking for a deal, but there are still solid reasons for the rest of us to check it out. the 1.5L turbo has solid performance, fuel economy is reasonable, it’s proven to be reliable and the handling and braking performance is sharp. On the other hand, it hasn’t aged as well as Mazda’s CX-5…

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