Audi Q8 e-tron – A new name for a new class leader?

From AutoEV.

Audi’s original e-tron appeared over four years ago, and whilst good, it never achieved greatness, certainly not in our eyes. Of course, the EV world world has changed a lot since then, and in that time, Audi have given us the brilliant Q4 e-tron and the sublime e-tron GT. But the original offering was really starting to feel its age, especially with newer competition appearing all the time. So what was Audi to do but turn its attention to the car and sprinkle some Vorsprung durch Technik over the SUV, slap a new name on it and wheel it out to face the music. Question is, has it done enough? As always, Bryan puts the car through the intensive scrutiny of the AutoEV road test review to find out.

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0:00 – Introduction
01:57 – Titles
02:04 – Meet the car
05:25 – Styling
11:13 – Practicality
15:31 – Interior
27:18 – Usability
29:44 – Performance & Handling
38:33 – Pricing
40:24 – Competition
44:18 – Pros & Cons
31:21 – Summary